3 Kitchen Hacks to Help Save You Money

Kitchen Hacks

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Hi everyone, Katie here. Thank you to Vee for letting me guest post on The Crafty GuruI’m so excited to share my food and kitchen hacks to help you save money!

Having recently moved out of my family home, I’ve had to learn how to cook and budget for food. At first, I didn’t realise how expensive grocery shopping could be so I’ve learnt a few ways that help me to save a bit of money here and there.

Between being a vegetarian and having boyfriend who LOVES meat, I’ve had to adjust the way I approach cooking and eating with these amazing kitchen hacks!

Grocery shopping can be VERY expensive if you don't stick with your budget or even "smart shop". These kitchen hacks will save you money and your time! #thecraftyguru #kitchenhacks #savemoney #budget #wisespending

Check ingredients

Grape Seed oil is one of the better cooking oils for your body, but it is often one of the more… “pricey” oils to buy. A lot of vegetable oils actually contain 100% grapeseed oil in them. They’re the exact same product but packaged and priced differently.

Hack: Make sure to check the ingredients on the back of the bottle and save yourself a bit of money next time.

Also, a lot of owned-brand tinned goods contain the same ingredients as the branded stuff. Take chickpeas, sweetcorn, peas and kidney beans for example. The branded tins usually contain just the vegetable and salt water…well so does the owned-brand version, the only difference is the price which is sometimes more than doubled!

Meal plan 

Meal planning is crucial to saving money on food and staying organised with your meals. Not only does it help you to spend less because you know exactly what you need to buy, but it also reduces food waste.

Hack: Sometimes, it can be cheaper to buy bigger packs of things and use them for two meals rather than one smaller pack for a meal and the ready-made version for another.

For example, ground beef – if you buy a 1 lbs. pack of ground beef for a meal and later in the week you also want to have meatballs, it may work out cheaper (and a lot healthier) to buy a 2 lbs. and split it. You can use half for one meal and use the other half to make meatballs instead of paying for the ground beef and also paying for already prepared meatballs (you really don’t know what’s in there). 

I have a whole blog post on how to eat healthier on a budget if you want to learn more.


Your freezer will become your best friend when it comes to saving money.

Hack: If I buy meal ingredients (such as samosas, spring rolls, garlic bread etc) that I won’t be eating in the next 1-2 days, I freeze them and incorporate them into my meal plan for the next week so I’m saving money on next week’s grocery shop and reducing waste at the same time.

Chopping up and freezing fruit and vegetables that are about to go off is a great way to reduce waste because you can use them at a later date in smoothies, stews and soups!

If you’re interested in baking some yummy things and more crafty tips, check out Vee’s recipes. They’re either kid-friendly, gluten free or keto so there’s something for everyone.

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