4 Dollar Store Hacks to Decorate for the Fall Season

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Decorating for fall is always a fun experience. It’s like you’re saying “see ya” to the hot, hot summer (Texas is the worst!) and welcoming those cool temperatures with open arms. If you could give any season of the year a giant bear hug, it’s this one. No heat, less humidity, no more June Bugs and beautiful fall colors everywhere you look…Sounds like the perfection!

The one thing that gets me every year are decorations.

I walk into Michaels for just one thing in August and I somehow find myself in the fall decorations section with a 30% off coupon and my basket is full and expensive. I know I don’t need it but I need it at the same time, ya know?

But, guys, seriously.

Don’t let those fall decorations break the bank! It’s totally possible to decorate for fall with items from your local Dollar Store, and if you are wondering how,  here are 4 Dollar Store hacks on how you can make it happen!

Do you LOVE to decorate but HATE to break the bank? Here are 4 Dollar Store Hacks you'll never forget to decorate your home for the fall season! #thecraftyguru #falldecor #dollarstore #diy #decorhacks

Don’t go to the Dollar Store with a plan in mind

Seriously, go with an open mind.

The Dollar Store is notorious for having a wide variety of items that vary from day to day. If you go in there with a plan, and then that plan can’t happen because those items aren’t there, you’ll get frustrated and that’s when you take the risk of going somewhere else and spending a whole lot more money.

Don’t fall into that trap! Enter the Dollar Store with an open mind and you’ll be amazed at how your creative ideas start to flow.

Pumpkins Galore!

For as little as a $1, you can make some crazy awesome fall decorations using plastic pumpkins. Use your creativity and let your imagination run free in how you can use those bright orange plastic pumpkins to decorate your home for fall.

If you like the orange, leave it and add some fun flowers and leaves inside to really capture the seasonal colors. But if you don’t care for orange, have some fun and change it up! Spray painting those pumpkins is always a great idea, and totally fun! Can’t you just imagine some beautiful gold spray painted pumpkins with fall flowers in them?

The best part is that nothing you want to create will break the bank!

Buy the garland!

Garland isn’t just a decoration for Christmas anymore! The Dollar Store has been known to have some fun fall garland options that would look truly stellar on your front porch rails or staircase on the inside of your home. There’s just something about garland that really creates a fun and festive look!

Don’t forget the candles

Candles and glass vases can go with any season, but they are especially fun to decorate during fall. Purchase some tea lights with a few of those half glass vases and let your creativity take hold.

Fill the vases full of candy corn for that Fall/Halloween look and place your tea light in it as well. (Super cute and festive, right?!) Another great way to add some fall fun to your home decor is to use popcorn kernels and fill them in your vase for a fun look. It’s unique, it’s creative and it’s certain to be a conversation starter for anyone that enters your home.

If you like to stick to a budget while trying to find decorations for your home, the Dollar Store may just be your new best friend! It’s entirely possible to find amazing decorations that you can use in and around your house with ease. Welcome everything fall into your home by decorating with items from the Dollar Store!

What are your decorating hacks?

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