5 Crafty Tips for Camping Trips

Camping checklist

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My family has a love of two things in life.

Camping, and creating.

We spend our weekend enjoying everything associated with the camping life, and we spend our nights during the week creating awesome one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork that we showcase probably throughout every room in our home.

The beauty of both of our family passions?

We’ve found out that they are super simple to combine together (and we can even put it all together on a camping checklist!).

Yep, we “crafty camp” all the time!

We have 2 big loves, crafting and camping. So, why not do it together? Here are some crafty tips from my camping checklist that allows us to "crafty camp" anytime we go on a trip! #thecraftyguru #campingchecklist #camping #crafts #diy #outdoors #traveling #checklist #craftycamping #craftytips #creative #kids #kidscrafts #travelingwithkids

With two little ones in a small camping space, we’ve had to get a little creative over time with how we can fit everything nice and neat into our camper. Seriously, with just over 100 square feet of living space, and 4 giant people (we are all super tall!) our space gets limited very quickly.

Here are some crafty tips to add to your camping checklist next time you’re planning a trip!

Take all art items out of their original package and repackage them yourself.

Sounds a bit overkill, but trust me. The bulky packaging that the markers and glue came in just take up way to much space. We like to put items in moldable plastic bags that can easily fit into any awkward open space, making it much more easier to pack along on our camping trips.

Pack quick crafts.

While you may think that you’ll spend all day camping working on crafts, but more than likely you won’t. Who can resist Mother Nature and all she has to offer? The outside words await when you are camping so pack crafts that only take about 15 minutes or so from start to finish. That way, you’ll be able to complete a craft before moving on to something entirely different.

When possible, craft outdoors!

While having the comfort and security of a camper is great when you are needing a cool place to sit or sleep at night, when you’re trying to get your craft on, you need a bit of space! We often find that just by going out and sitting at the picnic table we can create crafts easier. Plus, when we have just a little bit more room, we tend to let our creative juices flow a bit more resulting in some pretty cool end projects.

Painting rocks when camping is totally a craft!

Why not create with the items that Mother Nature gives you for free? If you’ve never painted rocks, you’re truly missing out. Find smaller rocks that are easy to hold and maneuver and decorate them however you see fit. Then, place them around the campground for other campers to find. You’ll leave your mark of creativity and make others smile once they see your fun craft.

Bring a canvas to capture the moment.

Being able to draw or paint the scenery that you are camping in is amazing. Prop up your canvas on a rock, and start to draw away. It’s your creation, so make it show how you view the world. Use paints, glitter, crayons, markers, or whatever other items that you want and create a masterpiece of the nature that surrounds you. It will turn out beautiful, plus you’ll have a memento of the weekend to have forever in your possession.

We have nothing to lose and a world to see. #thecraftyguru #campinglist #adventurequote #lifequote #quotestoliveby #world #adventure #nothingtolose

When planning on crafting while camping, there really are no set rules. Pack the items that you think you’ll want to create with, and then just make it happen. There is no right or wrong way to draw, paint, or craft, so why not have fun exploring the options that make you the happiest? Crafting in nature does have a different feel than crafting at home, and you may find that you create work that you never even knew you were capable of. With the great outdoors around you for inspiration, you’re sure to great some of your best work yet!

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