10 Student Planners that Every College Student Needs

Student Planners

College years are some of the best years of our lives… or so I am told. Think back to your college years…those memories just come flooding back, right? I’m sure you’re remembering all the FUN stuff. From making new friends, choosing a major, and really getting to “live” in the real world as an “adult”, who doesn’t love that? And honestly, who … Read More

5 Reasons To Take A Sabbatical In Life

So, I’m sure y’all noticed I disappeared for a little while. Okay… More like a few weeks BUT it was necessary. I took a sabbatical from my life. I moved into my first apartment ever, switched jobs and now work from home. I’ve cleansed my life of people who weren’t good for me. Told ya. It was necessary. But, let’s talk life.  … Read More

8 Reasons to Always Find the Silver Lining

What an amazing world we live in, don’t ya think? Think about our day-to-day lives. We are surrounded by beautiful and wonderful people, places and events that can impact us and the life we live every single moment of the day.  To understand the reasons to keep searching for that silver lining, one must first understand what the silver lining actually … Read More

5 Crafty Tips for Camping Trips

Camping checklist

My family has a love of two things in life. Camping, and creating. We spend our weekend enjoying everything associated with the camping life, and we spend our nights during the week creating awesome one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork that we showcase probably throughout every room in our home. The beauty of both of our family passions? We’ve found out that … Read More

How to be a Positive Goal Setter

Every day when we wake up with the intention of putting our best foot forward and being better than we were the day before.    It’s a positive outlook on life, and a positive outlook on the way to start the day.  What better mood could we be in the moment our eyes open to start the day?  Setting a … Read More

Why You Should Allow Yourself to Fail

Life is full of interesting twists and turns, wins and losses… That is a concept that my brain simply can’t understand. Since we were young, we’ve always been told to do our best and in my case, be the best. Each day, we have to try to either succeeded in something, anything or come to turns with failing at another. … Read More