10 Best Craft Supplies to Buy Off Amazon

Craft Supplies

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Who doesn’t love crafts?

And being able to buy whatever craft supplies you need straight from Amazon?

Seriously, THE BEST!

There are a ton of craft options for purchase to help decide what to make, how to create, and then ultimately reaching that feeling of success when that craft project ends and looks like it should!

There have been one too many times when I look at something and I’m like…


But when the craft is just right…

It’s a great feeling to have that “crafting” win.

It seems as though there is a different craft item that is a MUST for each and every project… Is it possible to even keep up?

While at times it may feel like your head might explode from finding a million of the same exact material you need but it has a bunch of different names (Seriously! Which one should I choose?), don’t worry. There are many craft supplies that are transitional from one project to the next to help you not feel overwhelmed!

If you are looking for a few great craft supplies to keep on hand, here is a great list to help get you started.

Have you ever started a project and then realize... OH NO! I don't have all the materials. It's seriously the worst. Here's a list of craft supplies you should always have on hand so you don't have to stop right in the middle of a craft project! #thecraftyguru #craftsupplies #artsupplies #craftproject #materials #haveonhand #dontrunout #diy #crafts #amazon


10 Best Craft Supplies to Buy Off Amazon

  1. Cricut Air 2 Machine Bundle – If you’ve ever used the Cricut before, you know how awesome it truly is. The ability to create designs in an instant and have them created while you watch? Simply amazing. This craft item may be a big one, but it’s a MUST to add to your craft space. Trust me, you’ll love having the Cricut for your craft projects!
  2. Metallic Marker Pens – These pens are a must if you make cards, or need to write something small on items such as rocks, pendants, wood or other surfaces where regular pens and markers won’t work. Plus, they are easy to use and the beautiful colors are awesome as well!
  3. Alphabet Stamps – Can anyone ever have too many stamps when crafting? These alphabet stamps are perfect for creating cards or to use when scrapbooking. Plus, they come in a really cool vintage box to help keep them separate and contained for ease of use.
  4. Oil Pastels – If drawing beautiful scenery is your craft of choice, then these oil pastels are a must for your collection. They are easy to use and come with so many different colors, that drawing with them is actually fun to do!
  5. Gemstone Embellishments – Who doesn’t live gemstones and everything sparkly and shiny? It’s the absolute truth that you can take any craft project from dull to fantastic just by adding a few of these shiny gemstones. While they don’t fit perfectly into every project, they are great to have on hand for those moments when your craft is just needing that something “extra”.
  6. Heavy Duty Craft Scissors – A good pair of craft scissors is a MUST! You know that frustration when you try to use regular scissors and they just don’t work, right? Craft scissors are meant for one thing, and one thing only. Crafts. All day, every day.
  7. Acrylic Paint Set – You never know when you may get the sudden urge to paint a beautiful landscape to show your artistic talents. For your painting to look its best, you need great paint to use as well.
  8. Craft Knife – If you craft and use vinyl or other tougher materials that you need to cut through or edge off, this is a tool that you will appreciate having in your possession!
  9. Paint Brush Value Pack – Don’t ever take the chance of running out of paint brushes! Is there anything worse than having to stop mid-project to get more paint brushes due to lack of not having any extra? With this value pack, your worries are gone as you should have plenty of extras on hand!
  10. Scrapbook Glue – Scrapbooking is an awesome craft activity that takes a ton of time, patience, and material. One item that is a must for your scrapbooking projects is some good glue to hold it all together.

Crafty Tip:

Make sure you have ALL of your craft supplies on hand before starting any project.

You don’t want to get started to then find out that you are missing materials that are a must for your current project.

Using Amazon is a great way to stock up on the items that you need to also ensure fast delivery to your house.

If not, then a trip the art store it is… unless it’s 10 p.m. at night.


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