Vegan Pineapple Smoothie

Vegan Pineapple Smoothie

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Having grown up in Miami, Florida (HEYYYYYYY!), I was constantly surrounded by different Latin cultures and their foods.

It was seriously the best way of growing up.

Having moved away from home, it’s one of the biggest things I miss…

That and my mom’s cooking.

College Life and all. (Mom, send me food!)

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you’ll know that we have the most amazing beaches and food you’ll ever get to try.

When I get homesick, I start to crave pineapples.

I know, it’s weird but this was my thought process.

Miami –> Beach –> Tropical –> Pineapple –>Smoothie

So good 😋

Since I’ve been trying to clean up my eating (hence my Keto Chocolate Mousse), I’ve been trying to incorporate healthy ingredients, like hemp seeds and collagen powder, into my smoothies to help me get back into shape.

This pineapple smoothie will have you craving the beach and some serious sun rays!


If you are missing the beach (or getting Summer ready), this pineapple smoothie will totally give you the tropical vibes you were craving for! #thecraftyguru #pineapplesmoothie #vegan #pineapple #smoothie #tropical #fruit #hempseeds #dairyfree #collagen #healthyliving

Vegan Pineapple Smoothie 


pineapple smoothie


Measure out your pineapple (and throw a little extra in there 😏).

pineapple smoothie

Combine all ingredients in your Vitamix, leaving the ice last. 

pineapple smoothie

Pour in the almond milk of your choice.  

pineapple smoothie

Blend on high until combined adding water as needed. 

pineapple smoothie

pineapple smoothie

Makes one large or two small smoothies. 

But let’s be real!

It’ll probably just be one.

Crafty Tip:

This smoothie is very thick. To thin it out, just add more water until it comes to the desired consistency. You may need to use a tamper. 

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