5 Reasons To Take A Sabbatical In Life

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So, I’m sure y’all noticed I disappeared for a little while. Okay… More like a few weeks BUT it was necessary. I took a sabbatical from my life.

I moved into my first apartment ever, switched jobs and now work from home. I’ve cleansed my life of people who weren’t good for me.

Told ya. It was necessary.

But, let’s talk life.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Life, in general, can be stressful.  Every day we are faced with tons of choices, decisions, and actions that we have to filter and cycle through.  Then, add it with things that may happen throughout our day that is out of our control.

Talk about stress-city!

Our days tend to be on repeat as we develop a routine unknowingly. We wake up, prepare for the day, head to work, work all day, head home, eat dinner, and go to bed.  It can be monotonous quite quickly to do that every day of the week, 5 days in a row!

So, how can we break that cycle and start enjoying our lives a bit more?

There are options out there to consider for ways to take a much-needed break from the stresses of every day. Here are some suggestions for reasons to consider taking a sabbatical in life.

This might sound crazy but I recently took a sabbatical from my own life... It was the best thing I ever did for myself and my mental health! #thecraftyguru #sabbatical #mentalhealth #livingmybestlife #lovemyself

You only live one life

Why spend your life being stressed and tired all of the time? 

The purpose of a sabbatical is to explore who you are and to get that much-needed rest time to be able to do so.  With your one life, ask yourself how do you envision living that life to the fullest? 

If you’re not on the path you imagine to make it happen, consider taking a break to allow yourself to get back on track.  Sabbaticals can vary in length.  Some people take one for a month, or some people do longer for up to a year or even more. 

With your one life, you choose the length of time that best suits you.  

Connect with those around you

Think of your family, your spouse and/or your kids.  How much time are you afforded to spend with them currently on a daily basis?

Not enough? If you have the opportunity to change that, change it!

Not only will a sabbatical give you more time with those you love, it will also help you enjoy being in the present more when you are spending time with them.  Imagine being able to join them at school functions or spend the summer traveling with them to see different places?

The options are endless in ways to connect.

The great outdoors is calling your name

Maybe your reason for wanting to take a sabbatical in life is that you just want to explore the beauty of the earth.

No judgment here!

The world is full of amazing wonders that the mind can’t even begin to imagine.  If you are wanting to take some time, just for you to travel the world and explore, go for it. If you don’t want to go too far, try camping with your friends and family!

It’s amazing how much exploring can happen in a short time. Plan out your time and pack up your bags!

You are burnt out

We’ve all been there.

Work can be SO draining at times.  If you love your work but are just feeling plain burnt out, it may be time to take that break.  There is no shame in understanding that you’ve reached your limit for the time being and need some time to process and recoup to feel refreshed at work.

The whole point of a sabbatical is to rest up and spend time doing so!

Your sabbatical might be a benefit!

Did you know that some employers actually offer their employees the option to take sabbaticals?  It is a fairly new concept making the rounds, but there are some out there that do have this as an option.  Check and see if your company offers the opportunity to take one. 

If not, talk to them to see if they offer other options instead.  You never know what support your employer may offer for your peace of mind until you ask!

The beauty of taking a sabbatical in life is that it doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment.  It is something that can be taken for a short duration of time, just to give yourself a boost for yourself or time with your family.  If you feel that need to explore your options to make it happen, follow your gut and see if you can turn it into a reality!

Have you taken a sabbatical?

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