10 Student Planners that Every College Student Needs

Student Planners

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College years are some of the best years of our lives… or so I am told. Think back to your college years…those memories just come flooding back, right?

I’m sure you’re remembering all the FUN stuff. From making new friends, choosing a major, and really getting to “live” in the real world as an “adult”, who doesn’t love that? And honestly, who can blame you?

For me, as a current college student, I’m thinking about deadlines, homework and all the other… not so fun stuff. It can easily become overwhelming (and stressful… speaking from experience) with the amount of work and organization you need to put in to make sure you stay on top of it all. I’m kind of just stressing out as I am writing this because it’s all about to start all over again.

College is a time in life to explore, have fun, and put your best foot forward in trying to make a choice for the career that you’re going to be doing for the rest of your life (no pressure, right?) 😰

But y’all, it is possible.

It’s possible to balance activities, classes, and work during college. It has to be!

One of the biggest things that has helped me get my life together has been written down. At first it was on a piece of paper, then sticky notes until I found the most perfect planner! It was cute, it drew my attention and it inspired me to keep up with my responsibilities.

College may be "the best time of our lives" but when you're stressed about everything involved... not so much. These student planners can change your life! #thecraftyguru #studentplanners #collegelife #education #school

Here are 10 Student Planners that Every College Student Needs:

  • Well Planned Day College Planner. Take charge of your busy college days and learn how to start to become an adult with this well-planned planner. Easy to carry and take with you everywhere, you’ll have no excuse to not be organized.
  • “It’s Only One Semester” Planner. In the college world, everything is taken semester by semester, right? So it only makes sense that your planner reflects that same mentality.
  • “Things to Remember that I’ll Probably Forget” Planner. There may never be a more true statement than this one. With everything that college throws at you, this planner will help you stay as organized as you possibly can.
  • Organized AF Planner. Organize like a boss with this college planner. You control how much you want to write, and let the planner do the work for you.
  • Academic Passion Planner. If you like organization, goal setting, and being prepared then this is the planner for you. In addition to writing out everything that you need to do, this academic passion planner also encourages you to dig deep and follow your passions.
  • Always Believe in Yourself Planner. This planner reminds you that no matter what obstacles you may face, it’s important to always believe in yourself along the way.
  • Think Less, Do More Desk Calendar. Sometimes, planners just aren’t for everyone. If you like the idea of staying organized, but don’t want to carry around a planner, this desk calendar can be a great addition to any dorm room desk!
  • “First I Drink the Coffee, Then I Do The Things” Planner. Coffee is life, especially in college. Grab your coffee and your planner and have fun organizing out your days.
  • “Be Happy, It Drives People Crazy” Planner. While the inside of your planner may be stuffed full of everything that you need to get done, why not have a bit of fun with the outside cover? This college planner front cover is certain to make anyone smile!
  • College Student Planner. Not only can you organize your days, weeks and months but this college student planner also can help you to plan out your semesters, and your homework due dates as well.

Your college experience just got a whole lot better!

The college years can seriously be some of the best years of your life. While you may want to spend the time being “free” and enjoying anything and everything that comes at you, it’s important to stay focused and organized on all the aspects of your life as well. The more organized that you can be for your college years, the better prepared that you’ll be for when your college years are over.

Give one of these college student planners a try and you may find that organization and planning during your college years has never been easier!

Which planner do you use?

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