Why You Should Allow Yourself to Fail

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Life is full of interesting twists and turns, wins and losses…

That is a concept that my brain simply can’t understand.

Since we were young, we’ve always been told to do our best and in my case, be the best. Each day, we have to try to either succeeded in something, anything or come to turns with failing at another.

Finding a way to be successful in life can be really hard.

Like scary, doubting your every thought and action kind of hard.

It can be difficult to know what motivates us to strive to be successful.

How can I be okay with not succeeding? 

Finding the answer to questions about what leads us to follow our dreams or what stops us still in our tracks can be difficult to do.  Asking those questions to yourself can be hard, too.

Often times, we don’t want to ask ourselves why we aren’t following our dreams, our goals, and our ambitions because we don’t want to know the answer…

But, it’s an important one to ask.

Dig deep to truly comprehend your emotions.  If your roadblock in moving forward in life is because of the fear of failing, cast that doubt to the side.

In my opinion, there are times in life where failure can be helpful.  I know, hard to image…but, its true.

It’s important in life to allow yourself to fail, and here is why!

We grow every single day and change our views about everything we know. One of the biggest changes is failure. Here are some reasons why you should allow yourself to fail. #thecraftyguru #failure #life #lessons #lifeexperiences #growingup

Failure allows growth.

If you don’t try, how will you ever know what the outcome could have been?

Sitting complacent in life and not trying new things may be fine for some, but if you are wanting to take a risk, you have to be prepared for the possibility of failing.  Failing doesn’t mean the dream or hope is over, it just means that what you tried the first time didn’t work.

Lesson learned.

Failure shows correctable flaws. 

There is always a reason that something failed.

Not enough time and effort put in to help your business succeed?  That would be a reason that it may possibly fail.

When something fails, see if’s it’s correctable.

That failure can actually open up your eyes and your mind to think of different ways to obtain the results you are wanting.  Maybe you introduced a service that no one bought, failing to make any profit on your hard work.

You believe you have a good product, so you now know that the price of your product may be an issue.  Due to failing to sell any on your first launch, you were equipped with the knowledge to adjust the price to re-launch at a more attractive price point.

You corrected a flaw from failure.

Failure can be great motivation. 

If you are a competitive person, failure may just be the little boost of motivation that you need.

Many people can use failure as a source of internal motivation, refusing to accept the fact that their idea/thoughts/or product has failed.  In turn, this creates a passion for success all by being motivated by failure.

Failure is relatable. 

Those who fail together understand the process of overcoming.

Some awesome networking opportunities exist by meeting and communicating with others who have failed.  Being able to talk to some and relate to someone is an amazing life experience.

Speaking with each other about how you both failed, and comparing notes on those failures, should be an extremely interesting conversation.

Failure takes away fear. 

Once you fail, that’s it..you’ve failed and you know what it feels like, what to expect.

Moving forward, when you fail again, it won’t be such a scary thing as it was the very first time.  Fear of failure can freeze anyone…but once you know how to identify with the failure, you can then put a plan in motion to prepare for the next time it happens again.

Why You Should Allow Yourself to Fail

In my opinion, we all fail.  No one is above failing at SOMETHING in life.

We are all human, we all make mistakes that we shouldn’t have made that resulting in failing or made a choice or decision that we shouldn’t have.  It happens.

What we do following that failure is key.

Understanding and identifying that failure is NOT the end to all ends but a great mindset to try to incorporate into life.

Failure can have a positive outcome, once the process of failing is known.

When life has an opportunity and hands it to you, don’t back down. Take those opportunities, think of a way to make them work for you and try again.

Your failure can possibly help you succeed in your future!

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